Winter Prague – sights under the snow

Winter Prague – sights under the snow

Snow gifts have prepared snowy sights for lovers of Prague. Prague and its monuments await the return of tourists as well as the entire tourism industry. Unfortunately, the current, pandemic situation does not offer the opportunity to travel. Accommodation and hotels are closed to tourists. At least indirectly, we offer some beautiful photos of winter Prague.

Prague sights in the arms of the snow are waiting for the return of tourists and lovers of Prague

Prague sights and monuments stored to sleep under the snow. Symbolically, Prague froze us in this difficult period. However, one of the Sundays brought beautiful weather. The sun shone and the snow lying in the city shone. The sky is cloudless and Prague is still without tourists. So maybe we’ll start shining for better times!

We are all looking forward to the awakening of culture and life in the city. And Prague will once again tell its story through the guides. It has been a year since we last celebrated the beauties of Prague together with our guests. Prague was orphaned for a time and lost its pilgrims. But he is already tirelessly preparing for their return. This isolated time reminds us of the value of culture, entertainment and learning. It is a lesson, to value health, the opportunity to be free and, among other things, to be able to travel freely.

When the situation allows, we will be happy if you want to get to know the culture or entertainment in Prague with us! May we all be in good health in Prague!

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