Verner Tour – Your reliable partner in Prague since 1994

Verner Tour – Your reliable partner in Prague since 1994

Over 25 years in tourism and for guests who travel to Prague

Verner Tour was founded in 1994 as a small family business. After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening of the borders, the world opened up to new possibilities. People curiously longed to discover the previously secret beauties of the world. Prague has always been one of the cultural gems of Europe and many people longed to come and see Prague with their own eyes. Get to know the local people and the culture that was so close, but so inaccessible for so long.

Languages ​​were knowledge that was valued in the family, and we also curiously wanted to get to know Western culture. That is why we offered our services to a German travel agency and a willingness to learn knowledge in tourism. After 3 years, when we learned how to work with tourists, we were asked to create a travel management company in Prague and take over the local agenda. As a family business, we accepted this challenge with the determination to continue to improve. By 2012, our tourism activities continued to expand and the company was transformed into a limited liability company. It has been over 25 years and we still provide incoming services for this and many other partners.

Only the sky’s the limit.

Main activities in the field of tourism

From the very beginning, we have been preparing complete incoming services for partner tour operators, especially focused on group tourism. Reliable and high-quality incoming services presuppose a proven network of accommodation, close associates and co-workers who know perfectly how to take care of our guests.

Over time, we accepted new challenges and took care of the increasingly diverse composition of our guests. From standard group packages, we have moved on to a more personal approach to clients and their individual needs. By now we prepare a tailor-made program and events for individual clients, partners or companies.

In 25 years, we have welcomed thousands of guests in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic and taken care of their comfort.

In the field of group tourism, we have already had the honour of taking care of several thousand groups. We are very happy to work with educational institutions and tour operators focused on the field of education. We were therefore able to host many school trips to Prague from Europe and groups from universities all over the United States and Canada. Group tourism also includes very popular interest and leisure groups. These paths always have their theme and focus, which we are always happy to prepare for our clients.

Some of our partners are also dedicated to one of the most demanding clients looking for comfort, luxury and a personal approach. For this high-end segment, we prepare the program and accommodation directly according to the client’s priorities. We will organize a tailor-made trip exactly to fulfil the wish of our client.

Verner Tour has prepared many smaller events for our corporate clients, from programs to meetings. We were very happy to have the opportunity to organize or co-organize large events for hundreds of people and participants from all over the world. From private meetings to events in the largest conference halls in Prague. However, we are dedicated to all events with the same passion, regardless of size and complexity. Each event and client is different and needs an individual approach. Especially for corporate events, in addition to the joint program and accommodation, it is necessary to prepare many individual side activities. A satisfied guest is always our goal.

In the last 10 years, we have begun to focus intensively on the organization of sports events. At first, we just helped friends and smaller sports organizations. We are currently a partner of several sports federations and we have helped to organize many championships at the European or world level and even the Olympic qualifying event. This field brought us many challenges and hard work but even more joy and experience.

We are very happy to offer our services to you and we hope for a successful and long-term cooperation.

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